"Geek," informal noun. Oxford Dictionaries
  1. An unfashionable or socially inept person.
  2. [Usually with  modifier] A knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast.
Hi! I'm Kika, the blogger-in-chief here at Headbath. 

I don't care about the latest in fashion trends but I can tell you the three books to read on infant sleep. I love dogs and can befriend the wariest one if you give me a few minutes. But I prefer sticking to communications via text with humans.

I am a parenting geek because it's fascinating to be involved in the complete creation of a human being. Caring for our daughter gives me insight into myself, the husband, our families, and then all humanity. The husband and I have late night chats about how Neanderthals communicated based on E's instinctive use of Proto-Indo-European words. 

"Mother," noun. Oxford Dictionaries
  1. A female animal in relation to its offspring.
I gave birth to baby E in March, 2014 through a medication-free, natural delivery (alas, in a maternity hospital and not in a birthing centre as was my hope). I was committed to getting as much of a head start to this whole mothering thing by reading all the things.

Three months later, I realised that this tiny human knows nothing. And after 21 years of formal education and 6 months of obsessive reading on all things baby, I discovered that I didn't either.
Having attended a gulmohur league university, I deal with it the only way I know how - by reading as many books by as many professionally qualified experts as possible.

"Indian," noun. Oxford Dictionaries
  1. A native or inhabitant of India, or a person of Indian descent.
I grew up in the Middle East, moved to Bangalore in 2005 to study law, and never left.

I married my college sweetheart and general rock in life in 2010 and our fuzzball is a wedding gift!

We lived and loved our child-free lives until the day we caught ourselves wondering about a child brought up in our peculiar madness.

If my life was the 2005 movie, Madagascar, my character is Marty the zebra but with Alex the lion's love of civilised city life. I was brought up Indian but when I got here I realised I was the only one who identified with the nation rather than a state. Nowadays, I worry about teaching my daughter the life skills required to live in India. While I'm still learning them.

"Headbath," noun and verb because nothing in India can ever be just one thing. Author's Own
  1. A bathing ritual that includes oiling one's hair, and washing it in shampoo and warm water.
  2. The cure to all malaise.