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6-Month Old Baby's Daily Routine

Since my last post, I thought it might be a good idea to log E's routine at 6-months just so I can see how much it changes over the coming months. Her routine is based on recommendations made by Dr. Marc Weissbluth in his book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.


E wakes up between 6 and 7 AM in the morning. She has dropped her morning mini-catnap so sad for slumbering me.

She spends time literally frolicking with her dad till 8 AM after which I wrap her in our Flo carrier and take the fuzzball out for a walk. We're back by 8:30 AM and we start the naptime routine for her morning nap. I draw the curtains, change her diapers, nurse her, and then set her down in her crib by 8:45 AM. 

She wakes up from this nap by 10 AM. I use her nap time to steam some fruit or veg so that it's the right temperature by the time she wakes up Pro-tip: freeze a porcelain plate and chuck the steamed produce on it to get it to the right temperature for baby. She gnaws on her food for around 35 minutes after which I wipe her clean and set her down for some alone playtime while I clean the mess she has made and give the canine E's leftovers.


At 11 AM, I get her ready for her massage and bath and we're usually done by 11:35 AM. I get her into her clothes, draw the curtains, nurse her, and it's back into her crib by noon. She wakes up from this nap by 2 PM. This gives me time to have lunch and catch up on TV shows. We play till 3:30 PM and then it's back to our bedroom for the evening nap - curtains drawn, nappy changed, nursed, and put down in her cot by 3:45 PM. 

The evening nap has been getting shorter over the last month. When we started at 3-months, she would sleep 45 minutes to 1 hour but these days, it's just around 35 minutes. Once she's up from this nap, depending on her mood, she either gets to gnaw on some more fruit or we go out for a stroll.

If she's calm I serve her food in the balcony while she watches the canine play fetch with me. But if she's a little cranky, I tie her to my back and we head out for a walk around the dusty neighbourhood. The Tibetan rucksack carry is like her snooze button; once she's in, I don't hear a peep from her. Although I have to keep talking to her to keep her from actually snoozing.

Whatever the form of entertainment, we're done by 5:30 PM after which she either has alone playtime or we Hangout with the grandparents till 6 PM at which point I start her bedtime routine.


E's bedtime routine consists of a rinse in warm water in the bathroom sink doubly important since she has started BLW, a short massage with lotion (firm downward strokes), and wearing her sleep-suit while I sing Coldplay's Magic This is our song - she very upset if I don't sing this exact song while I'm helping her with her sleep-suit. Then we nurse for as long as she likes before we cuddle, kiss, and I lay her down in the cot by 6:30 PM

She's fast asleep by 7 PM and I only really hear from her again around 2 AM for a feed and nappy change, and then again around 5 or 6 AM.

One day. Sniff.

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