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Feeding Rooms at BIAL and CIAL

Since this was our first time travelling with baby E, we were quite nervous. Understandably.

I had everything planned out - from the time we were to leave home to the time spent completing airport formalities to when and how many feeds E would have prior to boarding.

Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL

Fortunately, the extended BIAL is supremely comfortable. It's like someone with an actual brain designed it - from the tables provided at security check (to rest your bag while you pull out electronics or a baby) to the heavenly little feeding room that I visited.

Yes. Those are actual dispensers of baby wash, lotion, and cream.
I was beyond touched. I had, like, tears in my eyes when I saw how these feeding rooms were designed with care - two lock-able stalls each featuring a soft pleather couch, a tiny crib (pictured) and an outlet with a tiny holder to hold your phone while it charges.

Common to both stalls is a sink with a surface next to it (that I'm guessing is to change baby's diaper). Adjoining said surface are dispensers dispensing baby wash, baby lotion and baby cream - just in case the loonies at security check arbitrarily, always arbitrarily deem baby's toiletries to be a national security threat.

The changing area was brightly lit while the feeding stalls weren't. The crib isn't too big - E is 5 months old and she just about fit in there - but my guess is that it's meant to hold baby while you prepare baby's feed.

As I left the room, I vowed to buy only Himalaya products. I broke that vow a day later. If only it didn't smell so synthetic.

Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL)

On our journey back home, E needed a quick top up before we boarded (also I was dying to check out the CIAL feeding room).

OMG. It was beyond bad. It ranks up there with this "Baby Care" Room I visited at the Passport Seva Kendra on the Outer Ring Road (tiny unlit area separated from the main waiting room with two dirty plastic chairs in it).

Damp Is there any place in Kerala that isn't damp?, dark, and dirty, the CIAL feeding room has two grimy sofas and a black granite parapet with a sink and tap. I don't know why, but whenever I see black granite or tiles used in a kitchen or toilet, I assume it's because people want to hide grime.

Satan's Own Feeding Room in God's Own Country. 
The feeding room at CIAL had a nasty smell and honestly, I couldn't wait to get out and feed my baby on a plane in front of 150 other people. Cochin desperately needs a new airport. And new feeding rooms.

Also, new climate.

Coming soon to Headbath - starting baby on solids: approaches and trends - (I've shelved the post on piercing baby's ears for the time being).