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My Water Just Broke or Part I of Childbirth

My first Sunday as a mother was spent in labour.

On that warm Sunday morning, I woke up at 5 AM wanting to - surprise - pee. As I got out of bed, I saw the wi-fi router blinking orange, meaning Airtel was denying us service again. Feeling a ridiculous amount of rage, I ambled to the loo.

Half asleep, I noticed that pee was gushing out of me. By the time I got back into bed my pants were really wet and a warm liquid was trickling out of me. My first thought was that my mild pregnancy incontinence was no longer mild. And my second thought was to Google the term, 'my water just broke.' 

The damn internet wasn't working. While repeatedly refreshing the search results page and planning out my strategy of murdering Airtel at the Consumer Court, service suddenly resumed.
As directed by some website, I put on a sanitary pad and lay down for half an hour to note its wetness, colour, and odour.

In that time, my mind was racing... She isn't supposed to be here for another two weeks!; I haven't finished memorising The Thinking Woman's Guide to A Better Birth; My hospital bag is missing toiletries and food; My mum and husband haven't packed their hospital bags; I haven't talked to my OBGYN about episiotomies; I haven't coached my husband on how to coach me; hasn't delivered baby's changing pad and bath tub; I hope the baby's okay; OMG I can't believe this could be happening; she isn't supposed to be here for another two weeks!

TFW the vagina is poked from the inside.
By 7 AM, I had undergone one contraction and could feel a soaked sanitary pad. I went to the bathroom, checked that it was odourless and colourless, and woke my husband with four precious words: My water just broke. He went from dead asleep to wide awake in 1 second; jumped out of bed; and called the hospital. They asked us to come right away.

I informed my mum and like any mother, she told me to sit down and eat something.

While I ate a cream cheese sandwich, my irresponsible birth partners packed their bags. I was a little disappointed as we got into the car because the contractions hadn't regularised. I knew I was experiencing Braxton Hicks.

As we made our way to the hospital, I was excited and a little afraid. Each time I felt a stab of fear, I weathered it by telling myself that I would be foolish to waste what could potentially be the most amazing experience of my life.

Also, breathe.

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